E Smart Quran Dany


Ahsan ul Kalam AK-555 have been designed with the aim of making an easier way for people to learn
Quran Recitation and can correct their pronunciation and enhance fluency while reading Holy verse.

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Smart E-Quran

Ahsan ul Kalam 555 is the brand of its kind especially designed to help individuals for reciting, listening, memorizing and understanding Holy Quran. This powerful device has a unique technology to scan and read any page in the Holy Quran. For listening or recitation, you just have to place the pen over the page, chapter or verse in the Holy Quran.
This device is a revolution in E-Quran learning. Now you can memorize, understand and recite Holy Quran from the comfort of your home. In addition to that, you can read the way to offer prayers, different ahadiths and recitation of Quranic verses in the voice of famous Qaris from all over the world.


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